Car jumper starter

Detailed Introduction

项目名称 DL040
输入端口 DC15V/1A
输出端口 USB5V/2.4A
额定容量 6000mAh /7500mAh
启动电流 200A
峰值电流 400A
产品外形尺寸 L380×W270×T165mm(可定制)
工作温度 充电0~45℃,放电-20~60℃
存储条件 温度-20~60℃,湿度60±25%
重量 约278g

AET’s lithium-ion batteries have high safety standard, high energy density, high charging cycle life, with broad operational temperature range , equipping high-end Car jumper starter. These battery systems are leading power units for Car jumper starter industry, for its reliable energy storage & management, and power supply system.


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