High energy density battery

High energy density meaning the battery can offer higher capacity and longer battery duration at the same size.AE-Tech depends on quality raw material, advanced cell design and used the space fully as well as the accuracy production instructions successful developed 4.4V high energy density system . This system achieved 650Wh/L, capacity’s retention rate over 80% when battery 1C charge and discharge 500 times at room temperature, it can be satisfied with kind of safety and test performance requirement.

High-rate discharge

At present, AE-Tech research high-rate Lithium ion battery was in leading level. Our company had independent researched STT High-rate structure, our batteries internal resistance low than profession’s on the terrace assembly structure 10.0%,our batteries discharge rate higher than terrace assembly structure’s, the technology of cell simple and the uniformity better, also our batteries support the max current sustained discharge attained 60C.

Porcelain diaphragm

The porcelain diaphragm have a better high temperature stability.The PE as the base material, it can close gaps, boycott shrink and additional nail strength

Cycle life

At secondary battery terms, a cycle is one charge and one discharge (working) cycle. Cycle life is before the battery performance decline to the user replacing a new battery had all the charged and discharged times. There is no doubt that higher cycle life battery can add user the satisfaction and enrich the use experience. The batteries of AE-Tech 1C charge and discharge 800 times at room temperature capacity’s retention rate over 80%, over than the specified of profession’s 500 times at 1C cycle.

Gel Batteries

Gel polymer electrolytes Li-on battery is addition plasticizer or others additives in solid polymer electrolytes, improved ionic conductivity, so that electrolytes presented gelatinous. Gel polymer electrolytes Li-on battery is good for shaping, high gravimetric energy density, good electrochemical stabilities, a perfect safety reliability, long cycle life, capacity-lost decreased, high size utilization and other advantage. AE-Tech had achieved mass production the gel polymer electrolytes Li-on battery.

Safety and environment

Afford customer a safety and environmental protection polymer electrolytes Li-on battery was our primary strategic objectives, the batteries of our company arrived the test requirement at home and abroad, such as UL1642、UL2054、IEC62133、UL1642、UL2054、IEEE1725 、IEEE1625、UN38.3、GB/T 31241-2014、IEC 62133 and the specific what the customer need demanded. At the material, we production the Li-on battery with the chemical green environmental protection chemical, it without any harmful metal, after used the batteries recovered by certain way, The developed nations at Li-on battery recovered had established better recycling and recycling facilities. Majority precious metals or industrial metals also recycle.

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