• AET has strategic cooperating with Fortune 500 companies, and rapidly expanding market shares. A great example is obtaining government contracts on solar-powered street lights. AET has also hit the markets of portable UPS, and automobile starting battery. The company has passed environmental audit, obtained relevant accreditation. 

  • AET is capable of power battery system integration & assembly, expanded to power and energy storage battery packs, which diversifies this group company’s business sectors.

  • AET Incorporate with university research institute registered asset of RMB 20 million (USD $ 3.17 million), with practical investment of RMB 50 million (USD $ 8 million) on enlargement of production line capacity, capable of providing supreme quality products to different industries. 

  • AET have being investing in the lithium-ion battery technology and the industry. The company has cooperation with domestic and international prestigious universities on developing next generation lithium-ion batteries. For instance, AET have achieved series of technological break through, via cooperation with Zhongshan University: High rate batteries, 4.4 V high energy density; became an industrial leader in battery charging cycle life. AET aims on future technology development on silicon anode material and Lithium-sulfur battery. 

  • Established in Hong Kong, An-Energy Technology Co. Ltd (AET) is a company dedicated in R & D, manufacturing, and distribution of lithium-ion secondary batteries as well as their accessories and systems. 

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